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Constitution Party
​​​​​​​  of Florida


 The primary mission of the Constitution Party is to sound the alarm and to call America back to her roots and God-given destiny. Our primary purpose together is to provide a clear, strong alternative to the voters of Florida. The means of doing this will be through a grass roots movement that focuses on educating and mobilizing the population at the local level.

To do this we must challenge the very systems and ideologies that have brought us to this place in America where all our traditions, moral values and freedoms have been degraded and diluted by our government. We will stand, against tradition, popular opinion and do so without endless reserves of money, lobbyists, or media coverage. Our primary focus is the political arena, restoring constitutional freedoms and restoring the original “American Dream” as given to us by our fore fathers. 

We will strive to educate, empower and prepare Floridians for the future, whatever that may hold. We will challenge and even oppose all ideologies and trends that take us further away from our founding principles and values.